Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Finals: saved $114

It's been a crazy week around here. End of the school year is quickly approaching and it seems like there are field trips every week for someone. Or meetings.

Today was a big meeting.

Today, Little B graduated from speech therapy! He started when he was 4 years old. He had a major articulation delay. That means, while he was an awfully chatty tot, no one could understand a word coming out of his mouth, not even his parents.

For the past two school years, he's been working on the letter R. I know, one letter. But R is actually the hardest sound to master. It has more than 20 variations in English and has a major impact on everything from speech to even the tonal quality of the voice. For a long time, B sounded British LOL

And now, after nearly 7 years, he's finished with speech. We're very glad he's done before moving on to middle school in the fall.

So tonight, we're going to have a surprise graduation party for him...complete with a trip to DQ (with a coupon), or we may splurge for the fancy expensive ice cream without a coupon. I know, right? We live high on the hog LOL

We're three payments out from having D's car paid off and every last dime is going towards it. I will be so stinking happy once that car is paid off.

I get so excited thinking how close we are to being debt free except for our  has been totally made possible by couponing. Like this week...where I saved $114 at one store alone! That's crazy savings. And, we're getting all snacked up for the summer...

2 boxes Cap'n crunch ($1/1 Store coupon X2, $1/2 manufacturer coupon)
6 taquitos ($3/2 X 2, $1/1 X2)
2 pasta (no coupon)
sour cream (no coupon)
2 Pudding ($1/2)
2 Flat bread (.55/1 X2)
4 kleenex (.50/2 X2)
5 breads (.40/1 X5)
10 fruit cups ($1/2 X5)
10 marinades ($1/1 X10)
bottled water 24 pk ($2.99 competitor coupon)

plus $10/$50 Winn Dixie coupon

I also made a small trip to Winn Dixie where I picked up 6 cans of chili and 2 boxes of Steak Ums (total splurge...I just love those things) for $10 (including tax!)

It wasn't that bad of a week. I just have to keep hiding the fruit cups to save them for summer snacks! They are perfect for hot days. I want to try putting them in the freezer to have a sort of fresh fruit freezer pop with very little effort.

Are any of you making plans for feeding the kids over the heat of summer?


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