Monday, April 30, 2012

Just another Antique Monday

That sounded way cooler in my head. I'm singing along to the Bangles 80s classic...Just another Antique Monday. Glad it's not Sunday. Cause it's my FunDay. dah dah duh

Yeah. Not working.

As I'm busy procrastinating working on my UFO project for the big link party tomorrow, I figured I'd show off the goodies Ms. Kat gave to my girls during our i'll take your junk if you take my junk yard sale two weeks ago.

Little Miss came tottling over with this gem

It's the perfect pint sized rocking chair made of wood. She thinks it's all kinds of awesome.

I don't have a spot for it yet, so it's sitting up against the living room fireplace.

The piece that left me boggled that someone would give this to a 5 year old as a play toy

It's a really old. The little girl who first lived in our house may have played with one just like this, as a hand me down from her mom or something.

That's steel, wrapped around the wooden wheel.

Definitely not the kind of construction you see today on toys.

Every time Punky Brewster races across the living room and rams it into the couch, I cringe. And Ms. Kat is a believer that toys, even ancient ones, are meant to be played with. I've put this beauty in a safe place for now. Punky Brewster is supposed to ask to play with it and if she rams it into anything, it is put away again.

Did you find any old treasures this weekend?

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  1. Very cool! Thanks for sharing with the newbie party. I just gave some old treasures I found some time ago, another new life.

  2. Those are some neat vintage "toys"! Thinking of joining the UFO which thing do I finish?! LOL

  3. Micki, you have some wonderful treasures. Good luck on your UFO project!

  4. Those are some great finds!

    Thanks for joining our Beautify It Monday Link Party!

    -Four Sisters


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