Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dresser to TV console

Free furniture is a good thing. Especially if it's sturdy. Especially if you see it and thing "AHA! I know exactly what I'm going to do with that!"

When this beauty landed in my hands, I knew immediately I wanted my TV to live on it

check out the pollen tracks! yikes!

It was a diamond in the rough. I really couldn't decide whether or not I wanted to paint it. The original finish was cool, but it didn't really match anything else.

My first try left me really not loving it. I used my fancy schmancy knock off "chalky paint" by mixing Sherwin Williams June Day with some plaster of paris and water. This was the result:

And there she sat for a couple months. Me not loving. Me no longer inspired to work on it.

Until the UFO Challenge.

Definitely the kick in the pants I needed.

I was totally excited. Ready to go. Then...the sink backed up. Then, it backed up again. And again.

Last night, we had a stressful situation arise not related to the sink. So I took out my frustrations on the dresser again.

Another two coats of chalk paint. And tape. I decided to do a zigzag thing. I contemplated chevron, but that seemed like too much work. I couldn't decide on the contrast paint color. Grey? Pink? Periwinkle? I'm not afraid of color, by any stretch...I ended up using Sherwin Williams Peppercorn.

Then, I took out more frustration by hand distressing. I worked out quite a sweat.

maybe it will look better in the morning?
Still not totally loving it. Maybe I should have gone with pink?  Maybe it will look better in it's "spot" with the TV? Maybe I was just so frustrated with the situation I couldn't like anything.

That's a good sign it's time to stop. LOL


Thank goodness in the morning, it didn't look as bad as I thought the night before. I distressed it a bit more and in the natural light, it didn't look so....school bus-y. This is definitely not a school bus yellow. It's gorgeous. My favorite yellow.

The TV is actually smaller than the last one. YIKES.

I'm ready for my close up...

I'm still wondering if I should repaint the zigzag and go with a pink. Would love some opinions on that. But I'm sooo glad it's finally done!

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  1. Mikki!

    I think it looks FANTASTIC!!!! And it was F-R-E-E?!?! SCORE! And it does perfectly pair up with your TV. Great job, girl!


  2. Such a creative paint job. What a fabulous piece. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  3. I am returning your visit to see what a ADD housewife does. Well, I found out she does beautiful things. I love the butter and the blue together. I know how it is late at night and the beautiful turquoise blue has become a gaudy peacock! Back to my UFO project. I am your newest Linky follower!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  4. I wouldn't touch it! It turned out awesome, just give it a few days and let it work it's magic on you before you change anything.

  5. I like it just the way it is! You've given it new life! Big makeover from Before to After! Great job! Thanks for sharing at the Rock N Share!

  6. I love a good chevron! I can't believe that was a zero cost project.

  7. It looks so cute! I actually love the blue color - it looks so summery and cheerful paired with the light yellow. Then again, I'm not a pink girl by any stretch haha.

    That's a great makeover, though - and for free! love it.

  8. What a drastic difference - you have a great imagination for how something can be reborn.

  9. It turned out great after all that! I think I need a UFO challenge, too!

  10. Wow- that looks great! I love the storage space you'll get out of that piece!

  11. Looks great! Thanks so much for sharing at Homemade By You!! Hope to see you next week!

  12. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday this week. I think it looks awesome! You did a great job.
    I can’t wait to see what you link up next week. Have a great day.


  13. What a great FREE dresser. I love it just the way it is. Maybe you just need to step back for a few days and it will start to feel perfect for you...because it is :)

  14. I so know what you mean about being disappointed with your first (or second, or third...) attempt at making over a piece of furniture and then not wanting to work on it anymore. I like what you've done with this piece but I do know that your wheels will keep turning until you've found the perfect look that makes you happy.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. FABULOUS!!!!!! Everything about it is PERFECT!!

    Thanks for sharing at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!!

  16. What a difference! Thanks for linking at Shine on Fridays!

  17. It looks great! I would leave the blue. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  18. Fabulous project! I can't believe the dresser was FREE! You did an amazing job transforming it. :-) I would definitely leave the blue, it looks really nice with the buttery yellow. Found you through Debbiedoo's Newbie party. I'm now following and look forward to seeing more of your creative blog. Have a great week!

  19. You did a fantastic job on this piece. It really is different and fun. Thanks for sharing your talents with the newbie party.

  20. I'm not good at home decor so I can offer no help in terms of suggestions. I'm just impressed that you took on such a project. Some day I'll get brave! And once my neighbors start throwing out good junk. :) Thanks for linking this one too!

  21. Great job Micki! Looks awesome! And also congrats on being the most clicked at the power of paint party!!!!! :)


  22. This is quite a unique piece! I transformed a white long dresser to faux wood grain to house our tv. It does take some imagination and knowing what you like. The best thing is it is your favorite yellow and your creativity - a conversation piece now! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  23. That looks amazing! Hard to believe you started with something free :) Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

  24. You've been featured at Wednesday Whatsits!

  25. PLEASE anchor the TV, though. Looks terrific.

  26. Micki,

    Featuring this at this week's Drab to Fab party! Such great work! I love seeing what you came up with for this unit! I'm so glad you found my Drab to Fab link party too!

    This week's party is live. Come on back and share more of what you have been working on! (Old or new is always welcome)


    Have a great weekend! :)

    Amy @ Sugar and Spice

  27. Such a great funky piece to begin with. And I love the yellow. But then again, I'm partial to yellow. My craft room is yellow. A very similar yellow. I'm your latest follower and a fellow newbie! Thanks for sharing!

  28. I love it! You did such a fantastic job and I featured it this week!

  29. Love the zig zag at the top! It gives the piece such an element of fun. (Pretty cool for a free dresser.)


Thanks and have a great day!