Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Finals: Not bad for $26!

I made a huge financial goof this week. It was a good goof but also a bad one. I paid something off that I wasn't planning on paying off quite yet. I meant to make a much smaller payment...but hit the wrong button. The good news is we're not broke LOL I was supposed to take that money and make an extra car payment. Oh well. The car still only has like 2 payments left.

The bad news is I need to make extra frugal shopping choices over the next two weeks because what I paid off was bigger than the car payment.

My food budget is basically half of what it is. Not a huge deal since financial blunders like this are one reason why I buy our proteins at the beginnings of the month.

Still, I bought some no coupon splurge items because not only is it Mother's Day on Sunday, D and I are also celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary! CRAZY!

I love love love, and did I mention LOVE the Otria Greek Yogurt dip in the cucumber feta dill variety. I could eat it by the spoonful. My kids love to dip with it. Spread it on sandwiches. When it goes on sale, I buy it. Without coupons and it being frugal week, I only had it in my budget for one. insert frownie face

The big splurge item was the rhubarb.

Rhubarb is, according to the produce manager, a YANKEE thing.

That's a nice way of saying it doesn't grow in the south so we're going to charge you twice as much as a gallon of gas for a mere pound of this stuff. Ok, so it wasn't twice as much as a gallon of gas but it was still freaking $4.99/lb! I bought half a pound then used a $1 off produce WYB tostitos coupon.

I'll end up with a lovely strawberry rhubarb cobbler for one on Mother's Day.  And a jar of Nutella. Which has me wondering what would happen if I combined rhubarb and nutella. Not sure if I really want to find out either...

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  1. I guess rhubarb is a yankee thing. lol. We had a patch of it that grew up every year when I was a kid and we'd bring it to church and give it away. I can't say that I miss it now that I live in the south, but it seems INSANE that they'd charge $4.99 per pound for that! Good luck cutting back on your budget. I am way over this month and I dread entering my totals into my spread sheet. Maybe I can cut back, too.


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