Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Finals: Saved $69

This week's totals were fairly typical. I was able to continue my summer snack stockpile. School lets out in just about a month. Twenty three school days.

DH is keeping track.

As a kid, I never realized the teachers were just as excited to get away from us as we were to get away from them!

To be honest, I'm not looking forward to having him around for the summer. The novelty of having him home wears off in about the same amount of time as the novelty of having the kids home. He gets just as bored as the kids, too.

I don't think he is looking forward to the ever growing lists of projects I have planned for this summer, either!

Earlier in the week, I hit a great sale at WinnDixie. I was able to score a great price ($1.99/lb) on Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts. I bought enough for the whole month and spent $25. It was also time for our Costco  and I picked up 5 lbs of 88 percent lean ground beef for $2.99/lb. If I can score a sale on pork or fish, I'll grab another 10-15 lbs of meat. This should do us for the month. The total cost should be about $60.

This week, my savings was about 76%. This is what a typical savings without the "good" coupons looks like. My total before tax was just $26.

I'm really excited about the Mini Wheats. Kelloggs runs a promotion during the summer where cereal codes can be redeemed for movie tickets. We eat cereal, so being able to get movie tickets is pretty darn fantastic. One year, we earned enough for SIX tickets.

So far this year, we've earned one ticket and the promotion just started!

6 loaves Arnold Bread ($1/2)
4 boxes Frosted Mini Wheats (.70/1)
rice pilaf
cottonelle flushable wipes ($1/1)
6 keebler cookies (.75/2)
cat food (free can + B2G1 all free!)
I Can't Believe it's not butter ($1.25/1)
2 pepsi next ($1/1 store coupon)
blue bell cheese ($1/1)
5 jolly time popcorn (.50/1)

$10/50 competitor coupon


  1. Great trip! I wish I had stocked up on the chicken at Winn Dixie. :-( I also wish we had a place for me to put it so I could stock up. Hehe. What is the movie ticket promo with Kellogg's?

    Hopefully the long list of projects will keep your DH from getting too bored!

  2. Thanks for signing up to join the blog swap! I'm glad to have you!

  3. A 76% savings on your grocery! Plus you get to go to the movies! It definitely can't get any better than that!


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