Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Finals ... just $16 at publix


There are no awesome pictures of my groceries this week.

 Instead, I could offer you a picture of why there's no picture...but no one really wants to see my foot swollen the size of Fred Flintsone's because I was bitten by ONE fire ant.

For those fortunate enough to never experience a fire ant bite, I envy you. It's like 1000 bee stings that continue long after. And for me, since I'm allergic, it also includes massive swelling and sometimes infections.

So, there ya go.

I made two trips to publix this week.

The first one was all kinds of awesome. I spent a PENNY, plus tax.

1 suave deodorant (used raincheck + .50/1)
1 Nice n Easy hair dye (free after coupon--doing a product review)
1 pack Greenwise TP (penny item)

My second trip was a bit bigger, and I spent $15 before taxes.

3 boxes Lucky Charms (.50/1 X3)
4 boxes Near East Couscous
8 boxes Betty Crocker potatoes (.50/2 X4)
2 bottles of soda
1 package poptarts
1 package pasta
2 yoplait kids yogurt (.35/1 X2
2 capris Sun ($1/1 X2 + .75/1 Publix + $1/WD)
1 fake crab meat (.50/1)

I also used a $5/25 Save a Lot

I'm curious if anyone would be interested in seeing my meal plans that go with the grocery shopping each week?

I'm not planning that far ahead this week because we're watching this storm.  I don't want to go crazy stocking up on meat if we lose power. I'm putting this on the blog because I know without a doubt that if we even think there's a remote chance the storm will totally miss us (and that's really what we want!)

Friday night: Pizza STromboli
Saturday: Spaghetti
Sunday: Mongolian Beef
Monday: Baked Chicken, potatoes, salad, veggie

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  1. I did not have power for 10 days after Ike in 2008 in Houston--thank goodness for a very strong early season cold front. I start passing up meat deals in late August. I am warily looking at the track patterns as they are shifting further west. That beef recipe looks so good.


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