Friday, September 14, 2012

Frugal Friday--Grocery Closeout

Before we get in to today's post, I wanted to share something new I discovered. 

I've been doing Swagbucks for awhile and noticed they had coupons! In fact, when you print your coupons from Swagbucks, you earn 10 Swagbucks for each coupon redeemed. This is a affiliate, so whatever is on is on the Swagbucks site. If you haven't joined Swagbucks yet, you can JOIN NOW!

I've earned a lot of great gift cards through swagbucks and you can even get paypal cash!

Our local Save-A-Lot is closing.

I'm probably more disappointed than most because it was close enough for me to walk to when we ran out of something small. Without all the distracting coupons, I could go in and get out with exactly what I needed.

Friends of mine are more disappointed because there won't be any more great $5 off $25 coupons to use at Publix.

The only good to come of this is the grocery closeout. That's where I did my shopping this week. Many items were not put on sale because they were being shipped to other stores. I was really surprised that meats, dairy and produce didn't have huge markdowns!

I did manage to get a few goodies for $28

2 bags dog food
2 bags cat food
1 box biscuit mix
10 cupcake liner packs
3 cans pinto beans
3 dog chewies
1 telescoping duster
1 bag chicken nuggets
2 boxes Flips crackers
4 half gallons ice cream
2 gallon bucket of ice cream
12 bags of chocolate chips

My overall savings was about 80 percent.

I went back a few more times and snagged a couple of cases of pasta for 25 cents a box, 30 soda bottle bubbles for a dime each, and an assortment of snack foods and canned goods. I only stocked up on prices that were less than my best coupon price.

I also stopped at publix to pick up some Bertolli meals. They aren't on sale, BUT I was asked to try the new meals ...So stop over HERE and enter to win! Two will win two coupons for FREE Bertolli meals!


  1. I love a good store closing sale! Do you remember when Brunos closed? That was some good shopping. When is Save-A-Lots last day?

    1. It's closing at 9 p.m. tonight. It's pretty picked over.

  2. I set myself up to get swagbucks for using
    coupons and never got jack.


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