Friday, September 7, 2012

Frugal Friday! Saved $85 + produce

I'll start this week with my farmer's market and costco produce shopping. I saved quite a bit, at least 75 percent!

2 lbs strawberries $5.99
3 lbs bananas $1.39

Farmer's Market
7 lbs apples $2
1 small basket cherries $1
3 lbs muscadines (wild grapes) $2
7 lbs pears $3

My total produce budget spent this week was just over $15.

Last week, I posted how I wasn't going to run into the store unless I had to. That didn't work out so well! I ran in for toilet paper and didn't take my coupon binder with me!

I found tear pads, blinkies and coupon fairies had left a few goodies. I spent $18 before tax, with a savings of $35 (includes sales and coupons)

1 TP
1 fresh take .75/1 blinkie
1 yakisoba
1 bread
1 oil
1 lunchable
2 yogurt .35/1 X2
2 cream cheese
1 rice cake
1 napkin
1 plastic container $2/off WYB bread, napkins & ziploc
8 squeezable apple sauce 50/1 tearpad X8

$5/25 save a lot coupon

I took another trip to Publix because I had quite a few coupons for yakisoba. I ran in to item limits, so I will have to go back again to use the rest of my coupons. The yakisobas are great for D to have in his desk at work for the days he forgets his lunch.

sorry for the poor quality!
This time, my total before tax came to $6.20 and I SAVED $50!

2 fresh taste .50/1 X2
1 pepsi
1 veg oil .50/1
2 white wine vinegar 50/1 X2 hang tag
1 magnum ice cream $1/1
2 lunchables $1/1 X2
2 townhouse crackers $1/1 + $1/1 YAB flyer
3 graham crackers B2G1
10 yakisobas 50/1 X10

$5/25 save a lot

 What makes the yakisobas even more awesome on sale? The sale price is 50 cents. The coupons double. So for every one I buy, I "make" 50 cents.

I'm going back to publix tomorrow to pick up another 10 packs. I have more coupons for graham crackers and vegetable oil. Those are great staples that I try to stock up on whenever I have the chance.

And how long did this all take to put together for my shopping trip and finding coupons? Less than 30 minutes. I visited my favorite store coupon blog where all the matchups were done for me. I printed out my coupons, clipped them and was on my way! The people you see on TV spending 40 hours a week? They are spending far more time than they need to. The only way you should be spending a full or part time job on couponing is if you run a coupon website!

Also, this week here's our menu:

Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Breakfast
Sunday:  Baked chicken (using fresh taste seasoning), green salad, biscuits, fruit, dessert
Monday: Sloppy Joes
Tuesday:  Taco Rice
Wednesday: Crockpot rosemary lemon chicken,seasoned potatoes
Thursday:  pork chops (using fresh taste), cucumber salad, homemade applesauce

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