Monday, October 29, 2012

Home sweet Home!

I am very glad to be back home again! Even though I was gone only a few days, it was the longest I've ever been away from my family without kids. In fact, it was the very first trip I've taken alone since becoming a mom...and The Boy is 15 1/2! So,'s been awhile.

The trip was part of a training seminar for a new company I'm working for during the holidays. For those new to the blog, every Christmas I am one of Santa's Helpers and take photos of kids and Santa at the mall. I really love my job and have a blast every season. New company this year and I'm really excited to be working for them. The trip to Chicago didn't hurt things!

I overcame a huge phobia on this trip: Flying.

I hate hate hate it. Terrified of it, in fact. For good reason. This happened near my home when I was in high school. Since the mid 90s, I had flown all of two times...and this trip made three!

This time, I was fairly calm (I'm not sure my flying companions would have agreed LOL but it was better than before) and I think I might be able to get on a plane again sometime in the next decade (maybe sooner.)

How did this happen?

Prayer. Honest to goodness, the only way I got through the flights was by praying. On the way home, I was seated next to a pastor from a different denomination but we exchanged great stories and it really helped to calm my nerves.

Enough of my flight trauma...let's talk food.

We were fortunate to eat at Harry Caray's for our meals.

It has a reputation for a reason.

Check out that MUFFULETTA! It was freaking huge. Like freakishly huge. I didn't even touch the fries. I'd been graving olive spread, so this was exactly what my tummy required.


Eggplant Parm. Heavenly. Really. I make it at home, but it's always better when someone else makes it.

I forgot to take a picture of my authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Apparently there's some sort of debate between which of two places has better pizza. We ate at Gino's Best. Pizza. Ever.

I managed to bring home my pizza leftovers in my carry on bag. And I didn't share once I got home. I'm a bad mom.

Our last night in Chicago, our group got the brilliant idea to head in to the city.

Now, I've lived in the Seattle area and when I was a kid, I lived near Denver. But neither prepared me for the SIZE of Chicago. The city I live in now has 208,000 people. I felt like a country mouse visiting the city.

Crazy tourists...

So...around 830, we decided to take the train into the city. . . to an amazing place called Portillo's.

There we had real Chicago hot dogs. And I'm here to report that the ones from Sonic taste exactly like what I ordered (sorry!) I also got the chocolate cake and shared strawberry shortcake. seriously, I may never need to eat again. The strawberry shortcake was like eating summer. I loved it so much better than the chocolate cake.

Have you ever overcome a fear? And what was the best food you've ever eaten?

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  1. I don't like flying either, good for you for conquering that fear! Muffulettas are one of our favorite sandwiches to tailgate with. visiting from ~ Paula

  2. I love muffulettas! All that salty goodness!
    Way to go not letting your fear keep you back! I am proud of you.
    We personally are big fans of Giordanos pizza. But, I hear Ginos East is incredible too.

  3. That is so great that you were able to leave town for a little bit. All of my extended family is from Chicago so we went there a few times a year growing up. I have to say that I was so excited to see Portillos here! I will however say that I think their italian beef sandwiches may just beat out their hotdogs. In my family we love them so much we sometimes ship them across the country. And I embarrassingly am not kidding:)


Thanks and have a great day!