Friday, December 14, 2012

$30 in Groceries

Have you entered my giveaway for a coupon for a FREE Edwards Pie

I haven't had a chance to post any grocery totals in awhile! Things have been crazy around here and well...we've resorted to  many quick and easy meals and just hitting the store when absolutely necessary.

I've been shopping at Winn Dixie more lately with the fuel perks, especially for items I don't have coupons for. If I'm not going to save a bunch of money, then I might as well get a discount on gas, right?

This week, I hit Publix, Winn Dixie and Costco in one day...After work. I'm exhausted LOL

So for $30 I managed to get quite a bit of stuff for the holidays. The frozen chicken and juice boxes are for the kids' break from school. I also picked up homemade bread mixes to go with the cute little holiday loaf pans for teacher gifts.

And the Pie...Did I mention I'm giving away a coupon for free pie? I used my coupon at Winn Dixie where the pies are currently BOGO. Then, I used a $1/1 pie coupon on my other free I basically got paid $1 to take home two pies.

The capri sun was a crazy deal and I wish I would have known about it sooner. They were on sale at Publix for $1.79 and the yellow flyer had a $2/2 coupon that expired TODAY. I got the last two coupons in the store. I wish I had more of them because I would have really loved to stock up on these.

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