Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 10 for 2012

This has been a big year for my blog! I made many new friends and was able to share so many terrific projects.

And since I'm enjoying some quality time with family and my kids are getting to play in the snow... And yes, it's the first time my youngest has ever seen snow... We live in Alabama, it doesn't snow much ....

In fact, we had to travel to see cousins in Ohio to experience the white stuff!

Anyway, family + snow + holidays = no real blogging time

Best to do a year end summary!

In case you missed them, these are my most popular (and pinned) posts of 2012

Did I miss one of your favorite posts on my list?

Later this week, I'll be sharing my favorite recipe finds from this year. Because, really...all those new recipes deserve their own posts!


  1. You've definitely had a big year! Here's to another wonderful year :)

  2. Can't wait to see what next year brings!!!!

  3. So many great posts!!! I missed some and am excited to check them out!!

  4. How lovely. I love snow... until it makes you shiver:)

    Hopping by and following your G+ and Pinterest.

    Blogging @ Getting Healthy with Essential Oils

    I am also inviting you to join Tiddle Diddle Handmade Shoppe's first giveaway event.


Thanks and have a great day!