Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pinned it, Tried it Recipes!

I get a lot of recipes from pinterest and instead of boring you all with just links to my menu, I decided it would be best to link up the good and the bad of the recipes we tried this month.

And believe me, some recipes were just awful. As in I broke in to the emergency eating out money because it was just so...awful.

We tried just six pinned recipes this month. I often plan others, but at the last minute change my mind. I like to be crazy like that sometimes.

1. Ground Beef Gyros. These aren't your typical gyros, They are more like Greek seasoned burgers in a pita with tzatziki sauce. They turned really good, and I'll probably make them again.

2. The BEST Chicken Enchiladas. I make these all the time. I absolutely love this recipe. Super easy. Very few ingredients. It's definitely kid friendly in taste and its perfect for kids to help prepare.

3. Fool Proof Meatloaf. That's not what its called when it was pinned but that's what I call it now. I've always been meatloaf-challenges. I don't normally like it, but D's mom makes a great meatloaf and I'm not his mom, iykwim. This recipe was the first time I made a non greasy, meatloaf that was awesome for sandwiches the next day. It didn't fall apart and the flavor was really good.

4. Chicken Ranch Pasta. I made this recipe in honor of an awesome deal on bacon ($1.69/lbs). I wanted something easy and comforting and bacony. This definitely hit the spot and there was nothing left, even for lunch leftovers.

5. Ranch House Crockpot Pork Chops. If you search on pinterest for pork chops in the crockpot, odds are the screen will fill mostly with this recipe. It's pretty good. Not something I'm going to make over and over, but I'm also not going to get multiple requests from the family to have it on the menu at every turn (like the enchiladas)

6. Szechuan Noodles with Spicy Beef Sauce. This recipe is grossly misnamed. It does not have a spicy beef sauce. It has an absolutely disgusting beef sauce that renders the noodles completely inedible. I didn't even make the kids try more than two bites. It was just beyond awful. I'd describe it more, but I'm trying to block it from my memory.

This is going to be a regular feature. Hopefully, I can add on some desserts, as well.

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And if you LOVE peanut butter, head on over to this week's Iron Chef Mom and check out all the fantastic peanut butter recipes, including mine for Peanut Butter Chicken! 

Hopefully I will be able to show off some amazing projects very soon! Unfortunately, the humidity here has been crazy high and there are some things you can't do (candies, souffles, painting) with that high of humidity. So most of my projects are on hold til we have less than 90 percent humidity.

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