Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Crafter's Dream GIVEAWAY!

I am so excited to be part of a HUGE giveaway. They aren't kidding when they call it  #ACraftersDream! We have three amazing hostesses who have paired up bloggers and Etsy shop owners to create pretty much a giveaway extravaganza with a pretty awesome grand prize. Check out these fabulous bloggers and see what they have going on as part of this giveaway, too!
  The giveaway goes on all week, so there's plenty of time to visit all the bloggers and enter all of our fab giveaways!

I'm lucky enough to be paired up with a sweet Etsy Shop called SunFlowerFreckles. Laura is offering a $30 store credit that can be used towards anything in her shop or a custom order!

Like many other sewists, Laura got started because the clothes in most stores didn't fit properly on her child. Heck, that's how *I* got back in to sewing!

Laura has this to say: "Very quickly I made her way so many skirts that we ran out of hangers! Next,  I made some vest for my son and that's when I decided to start selling some of creations since I really enjoy sewing. In addition to skirts and vest, I now also make dresses, bow ties and baby shoes."

And let me tell you, bow ties just aren't for little boys. In fact, bow ties are cool.  (And if you really know WHY bow ties are cool, then you're pretty cool, too!)

Laura was sweet enough to send a few bow ties for my teens. I know, you're thinking, "Teens? Why would teens want bow ties?"

Because, as I said before, bow ties are cool. And not only that, bow ties aren't covered under the school uniform dress codes, so the kids can still show their personalities and not get an office referral for being out of uniform. It's really a win-win. 

Now wouldn't you love to have some of Laura's COOL creations for your little ones OR big kids? Check out SunFlowerFreckles and help this mama biz!

In addition to the $30 credit to SunFloweFreckles, you can also enter this  AWESOME Grand Prize, too!


  1. I wear a Fez now, Fez's are cool.

    1. Ooops, didn't click to see what I needed to comment on. I'd have to go for the Tardis bow tie. That is pretty sweet!

  2. I like the black and blue spiral earrings.

  3. love this dress!

  4. I think my baby girl *NEEDS* a pair of the Purple Flower Baby Shoes with Ribbon Ties!

  5. I love the Hearts Baby Shoes with Purple Ribbon Ties.

  6. my granddaughter would love the miranda dress and the bright green lace skirt.

  7. you have a lot of fun kid things in your shop so i would probably have my friend take a look at it to see what she likes and then surprise her with some of them for her little girl:)

    loverofallemo at gmail dot com

  8. i love the selection of skirts, so maybe id buy those

  9. I like the Purple and Blue Miranda Dress

  10. Bow ties ARE cool. The Tardis Bow Tie is cute :)

  11. I love the toddler skirts

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