Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Treasure Hunting

I'm taking advantage of having my husband home for a few more days during his recuperating. He's in that fun stage where he feels well enough to do things, but the doctor says he's not quite well enough to go back to work since he's not supposed to be under a lot of stress. That's the perfect time to do a little window shopping!

Today, we hit a local salvage spot called Rescued Relics. I try to go often, hoping to find that perfect item I didn't know I needed!

Like these fantastic columns! Only $150! That's a bargain for some great architectural details. Too bad I don't have the perfect house for them.

Or maybe you'd love some vintage soda bottles?

My favorite? These stairs!

Even D started having a bit of fun digging around...and he usually HATES going to these places with me.

And what should he happen to find in that pile???

That would be the treasure of the day...the piece we thought we'd never find to fix our stairs! It is the right style and size and was an amazing price...$25! It was even cut out to be for stairs the same height as ours.  That means not nearly as much work as what we were planning...

Because THIS needs to go...

Just sort of ignore the other projects you see happening in the background!

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  1. I see your ADD showing! I want to know where you live - actually where that shop is - the prices are amazing! I've never seen a big column like those for less than 5x what they are asking for.

  2. oh wow! what a neat place...and I love your pillar......

  3. AMAZING find! Its gonna be gorgeous!

    Jenna @

  4. Wow, what a steal...this place is scored huge!! Loretta's other blog (Pet):
    I'm keeping in touch... Hugs!

  5. You STINKER! I cannot believe that you found that for $25! Amazing! I would have peed my pants!
    Great find. :)


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