Friday, March 15, 2013

Easter grass and burlap wreath

This week was pretty big around here.

The Boy turned 16 Wednesday. He has his first real job and picked up his first real paycheck, with the accompanying reality check that he, too, has to pay in to pesky things like social security, medicare and...gulp... taxes. The shock on his face was pretty awesome. "Mom! I didn't make enough for them to take anything out!" And yet they did. I know we all know that pain very well LOL

Punky Bewester also lost her first tooth. After I reminded her that the tooth fairy requires rooms cleaned before she can visit, Punky looked at me and said "Mom, I know. Just give me the dollar. I can get it out of your purse."

I guess that's the price for being number 5 of 6! Nothing gets by that kid.

There are so many projects I've just been putting off this week because we've been so busy with The Boy and I working the bunny scene at the mall. But, today is Friday so Little Miss and I needed to do a craft. I manned the hot glue gun while she handed me the pieces to make these little pom pom chickies. My intention was to make a really cool wreath of Easter grass with a chick, eggs, and all the other fun Easter goodies.

When I got in to the project, I just didn't like how it looked. Gluing Easter grass to a wreath is a long process if you want it to look like something other than a hula skirt. I just don't have patience for that. Plan B involved wrapping the wreath in burlap, attaching Easter grass, and  hiding a few things in the grass. As I put it together, I realized less was really more...

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