Monday, March 25, 2013

Iron Chef Mom: Battle Peeps

This is up late tonight because I've been busy at work. Who knew the bunny photo business would be so crazy?

Speaking of bunnies...I love marshmallow bunnies covered in sugar, also known as Peeps! It's like  pure sugar covered in sugar. Mmmmmm

Peeps aren't just for eating. Some people make whole Peep-scapes rather than eating them. It's really food you can play with.

And that's why this week, we're doing Battle Peeps. You don't have to just make fun eats, make fun scenes, too! Show off your Peep Creativity!

If you don't like peeps, well...any marshmallow recipe will do :)

Without further's the winner of Iron Chef Mom battle: Carrots

Tumbleweed Contessa's 25 Carrots Cake!

Our runner up is Fantastical Sharing of Recipes Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls

Finally, our Hosts' Favorite

A Pretty Life in the Suburbs Carrot Cake Pancakes!

As much as I detest carrots, these winning recipes might just make it in to my tummy.

Now it's time  to see who is going to win Battle of the Peeps!


  1. Hi Bernadette,
    Thanks for hosting. It was fun making peeps they are so easy.
    Have a great week.
    Debi and Charly

  2. Battle of the peeps! You are so funny. Thanks for the invite!

  3. I'm a Peep lover, I promise. But I've never done anything other than eat them or blow them up in a microwave (with love, of course). However, I'm thrilled to share a recipe with marshmallows! Yay!

  4. Does marshmallow creme count? If not, I can delete my link...

  5. Hi Bernadette,

    thanks for hosting. i shared my chocolate-lemon mousse. hope you enjoy !

    Happy easter !

  6. What a fun link party - thanks for the invite!!

  7. Yay! Thanks for featuring my cinnamon rolls for battle carrot :)


Thanks and have a great day!