Wednesday, April 24, 2013

All's quiet

Sorry for not much content the last few days. We are in the home stretch (please please oh please) of finalizing an FHA loan.  I know some of you must feel my pain. I'm just waiting for them to ask for my first born. It is an agonizing process. Last time we purchased a home, it was a conventional loan and it was ridiculously easy. Oh how times change!

Some of you may be confused. We're not moving. We're actually trying to officially buy the house we've been working on for the last year and a half! We purchased the home with owner financing because we couldn't sell our old house and now that we have long term renters in our old house are ready to get a traditional mortgage on the house we love.

My stress level is just a little bit high at the moment. I've had a head ache for the last four days, probably due to the pollen count being so ridiculous. My green car looks yellow. I cleaned the porch to give it a fresh coat of paint and within five minutes it was coated in yellow dust.

Instead of giving you pictures of the house in a state of complete chaos, I'm going to post pictures of Josie.

Maybe someone can come up with a cute caption and she can become famous on the internet. The kids call her "MINE cat" because she gives you this look like everything in the world is hers.

She is just so lady like in this pose, isn't she? Josie sits like this frequently and watches TV. It's a hoot!

I don't think she's up for sharing the remote LOL


  1. I love you Josie! Sharing you kitty baby on my FB page. XO

  2. Josie is, well, she would fit right in with my cats. I had to keep a picture of her just because of that look. There are so many captions that could go with that look. She is just wonderful. Gosh I love that "pose"!

  3. I cracked up when I saw this on Blogtalk so I had to come visit! LOL Our cat sits like that too. LOL xoxo, Clydia

  4. What a character!

    Hopefully all goes smoothly for you with the home loan. It sounds like your situation is a big unique, and of course, that can make things all-the-more stressful! Take care of you! Come back when the dust has settled!


Thanks and have a great day!