Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Blog Workshop is coming!

I have been wanting to attend a blogging workshop for a very long time. Unfortunately, these workshops have pretty much been too far away or at bad times or...just plain expensive. Blogging workshops are important for bloggers to learn tools to navigate the blogging world.

I was so excited to learn about The Blog Workshop, an online blogging conference May 17-19

That means I don't have to arrange child care, air travel, hotels and all of those other incidentals beyond the cost of the ticket. That is a HUGE money and time saver... and my time and money are valuable.

Even better from a financial perspective, this conference even offers payment plans!

And if you register by April 26, you can take advantage of $25 off the registration. Ticket sales end May 10. Even though this is an online conference, space is limited.

Use promo code: TBW25HURRY


I think I'm most excited to learn how to pitch myself to companies. Even though I studied a bit of this in college, it's totally different when you  are the product. The cool part about learning these tools, is how I can bring fantastic giveaways to my readers. 

Check out the FAQ  for even more information and learn about all the speakers here, including IZEA, Blog-Trends, Attorney Jeneba Ghatt, Blogads, Sverve CEO Rohit Vashisht and more! Many conferences have giveaways for attendees and The Blog Workshop is no exception. One of the prizes is Vlogging equipment! 

Hope to "see" you there!

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  1. So Cool! I totally know what you mean. I'd love to go to a conference but with everything going on each day at home-it's just impossible.


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