Thursday, May 2, 2013

On being a family

I had plans to make this great blog post about all the ways you can develop your kids' talents. But, the truth is, I just really wanted to show off this video of one of Danger Girl's many talents.

The kid can pogo stick. With no hands. If you watch the video closely, you will see that she can also pogo stick on one foot without holding on.

She has asked for a unicycle for her birthday. And, she wants to teach herself how to juggle. I think she might be working on her act for next year's talent show. Or maybe she wants to be a circus performer when she grows up?

All I know is she had a huge smile on her face while she was "dancing."

It may not be an obvious "talent" like singing and odds are, she's not going to make a career out of the whole pogo schtick (please oh please don't run off and join the circus!) but clearly, she's happy and confident in who she is.

She and her siblings are each so different from each other. They range from nerdy to athletic, shy to outgoing, and pretty much everything in between. They fight. Oh do they fight, but they also stand up for each other when it counts.

I don't think we've done anything special to do this. There aren't any hidden tricks or a list of things you can do other than just love your kids. Accept them for who they are. Encourage them. Cheer for them. Hug and kiss them when they stumble.

We eat dinner together as a family. We pray together. We laugh together. We tease. We love. We cram the kids in a mini-van and take weeks long family vacations driving places. It's a form of torture, but I think hope they will look back on those trips with fondness. I liken family car trips to labor. While you're going through it, it's awful, but as soon as its over, you're like "hey, we can do that again!"

When I saw this at Hobby Lobby, I knew it belonged in our home. Well, aside from the awful grammar error (an apostrophe S denotes possession or a contraction, NEVER a plural, folks) ... it's a really nice sentiment. And for the people who need more education on the apostrophe... click here

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  1. That is one talented pogo stick rider you have there!! That was quite impressive to watch. ;)


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