Monday, May 13, 2013

Vintage Frame Wreath...from Restoration Redoux!

 Hey, gang...I'm still recovering from a very crazy time right. I'm really hoping everything will be wrapped up and back to normal(ish) in the next few days. Lots happening in the family and right now, family needs to come first. Thank goodness for blogging friends to help me out!


Hi everyone! I'm Shanna from Restoration Redoux. The lovely Micki has graciously invited me over to visit today! I met Micki through Hometalk/Blogtalk, and we are now part of a tribe. For those of you who don't know what a tribe is, it's a group of bloggers that support, encourage, and challenge each other to meet our individual blogging goals. We have an amazing collection of ladies in our group, so when Micki needed some time to recuperate, I jumped at the chance to meet all of you! I blog about furniture makeovers, recipes, crafts, home decor and the crazy stories that come with being a mom to three dogs, a cat and a fifteen year old daughter.

 Speaking of being a mom, I thought I would share with you the gift I gave my mom for Mother's Day. There are only so many things you can give your mom over the years, so I was looking for something new. My mom loves having lots of photos in the house, and the only thing she said she wanted for Mother's Day was something she could put on her front door. I decided to combine the two. First I started out with a 14-inch foam wreath that I bought at Michaels.


Also from Michaels, I purchased these little vintage looking picture frames (I got them in the isle where you would get goodies for kids' birthday parties -- and they're plastic, not metal, so they're lighter than they look). They were two dollars a piece. I took my hubby and daughter with me, and we all used the 40% off coupons which helped a bit.

I took the picture frames and spray painted them silver.


Next I bought 1/2 a yard of black velvet at Hancock Fabrics. I took the fabric and cut it in half, leaving two long strips.

I took my hot glue gun and glued the end of one of the strips to the back of the wreath, and then I started wrapping it around the whole wreath. One strip will do a little more than half of the wreath. Once I got the whole thing covered, I made sure I ended with the tail on the back and glued that down as well. Next, I laid-out the pictures where I wanted them on the wreath. Under each frame, I put three or four metal thumbtacks -- I put the tacks there because I was concerned about the weight of the frames pulling on the fabric.

Black wreath with thumbtacks

I then removed the stands off the frames so that the frame would lay more flat on the wreath (no technique used here ... I just pulled them off).


One of the trickiest parts of this project is getting the pictures centered. After selecting the picture I wanted to use in each frame, I had to scan it, resize it to fit, and print it in order to have it the right size for the right frame. Once I inserted the photos I wanted into the frames, I hot glued them to the wreath -- make sure to use plenty of glue.

Last I took silver metallic ribbon and on the back of the wreath I made a loop, fastened it with thumbtacks and cut off the ends. This is what you hang the wreath from.

This is super easy to do and is a great gift for any occasion. Micki thank you so much for having me over, and hopefully you will be feeling better soon! I would love for you guys to stop by Restoration Redoux!

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  1. Oh my goodness this is pretty! Thanks for sharing at Project Inspire{d} ~ Love it ~ pinning :)

  2. I like your creation. It is really very beautiful. I will definitely try it for my mother to give them on next mother's day. On this mother's day I have gifted a vintage photo frame to my mother, which has a picture with me when I was 2 years old. It was really pretty but now I suppose your creation is more beautiful.


Thanks and have a great day!