Saturday, July 27, 2013

Working on the Grand Foyer

The In-Laws will be here in about a it is the perfect time for our internet to go down! By perfect time, I mean, I can't work on the blog or play on pinterest instead of working on those projects I've been putting off. I took Leelee to a party at a friend's neighborhood pool...and they just happen to have WiFi...

I've been intending to finish the Grand Foyer for several months. But the idea of pulling down the wall paper and working on getting rid of the poopy brown trim and all the priming involved was a real deterrent.

The good news is all the priming and wall paper removal is finally done! It took me two days, half a gallon of primer and a ruined manicure..but it's DONE!

The stairs are still  a work in progress...

This is an OK before shot. I remember to take a picture after I started priming the risers. I still have to strip the poopy paint off the steps. I did one so far and it revealed a beautiful original stain. There is something to be said for people not doing proper makes undoing the ugly paint a lot easier.

And to keep it real, here's what the room looks like as I'm working. That coffee table belongs in the living room, but Punky Brewster decided she wanted to mop the living room floor...and let's face it, when your kid volunteers to mop, you don't exactly say no.

The plan is to start painting for real Monday. D is going to take the kids swimming and I should be able to finishing the walls and trim work while they are gone.

Hopefully, I'll have internet Monday and will be able to do a great before/after!

So...if you were without internet for a week...what kind of work would you get done?

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  1. Good for you, Micki! I would probably get no work done at all, because I would be curled in a ball whimpering if I had no internet. Sad, I know. :)


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