Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I'm still alive


This past week has been hard.

It's never a good sign when you hear little feet coming in to your room in the middle of the night and the words "Mama, I got sick on my bed" followed by the feet running quickly out of your room into the bathroom...

We got over that in a couple of days before it hit the next one. Then we had two go down at once. Then me, then D.

We spent the holiday weekend catching up on the horrendous amount of laundry that happens when a household of 8 catches a stomach bug.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get everything in the house together before I go out of town this weekend.

I'm far more confident in my husband's ability to handle the house and kids while I'm away for 11 days than he is.

If I manage to post anything before I leave, it will probably involve fun and exciting topics like "How to cram two weeks worth of food in to your freezer!" or "How to survive a lengthy airplane trip with a preschooler when you can't bring the one toy that WILL keep her occupied the entire time on the plane with you." This post could also be titled "My child will play with playdough for hours at a time"

Wish me luck!


  1. You got it! Good luck...you're gonna need it. xo Ginger

  2. My iPad has issues with pics on Val's blog, so I thought I would post on yours. Your zombie queen of hearts is headed your way being promptly mailed on Sat. I am posting a pic of her on my blog right after this if you want a peak!


Thanks and have a great day!