Tuesday, October 8, 2013

17 Brilliant Ways to Decorate with Contact Paper

Normally, when you think contact paper, you think the gross and disgusting stuff the previous owners a had lining the shelves. I know when we moved in to our first house, there was this awful 1980s era contact paper stuck to the cabinets. When we pulled it off it left a sticky residue. For me, contact paper was akin to wallpaper. Ugly. And needing to GO. YESTERDAY.

But, contact paper isn't like that any more. Thanks to creativity, contact paper can be used create many beautiful projects. Check out my Contact Paper Clip Board on Hometalk:

I'm really not sure which project is my favorite.

I love that people are using contact paper instead of vinyl in their cutting machines. I don't have one (yet) but contact paper is a much more affordable option.

Contact paper is also used to create removable yet sticky stencils. I sure have plans for that tip. There's a TARDIS closet clipped, and I may just use the tip to create a really cool mural :)

Head on over to Hometalk and be inspired!

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  1. I love these projects! I have a bit of a contact paper problem at the moment, was wondering if you might be able to help out. I saw a project somewhere, can't remember where, that put leftover contact paper on the bottom of a kitchen cabinet. I think it was called the "toe kick?" Anyway, question is I have some leftover chalkboard contact paper from another project. What do you think about using that on the toe kick?


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