Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Mantle

For a few days, fall is taking over the mantle again.

Halloween is done and I felt like I should give some mantle-time to Thanksgiving before it looks like  Christmas barfed all over completely takes over our house.

It's not a fancy mantle by any stretch, but with how hectic things are right now, taking the simple "toss things up to decorate" approach seems quite sensible.

And yes, in the reflection, you can see the beginnings of the Christmas invasion.

I'm just itching to decorate for Christmas.

Or to find some sort of transitional Thanksgiving to Christmas decor.

In two weeks, I'm hostessing a Soda Stream House Party that is supposed to have a Christmas holiday theme. But, I don't think my Thanksgiving guests will totally appreciate the house being completely Christmas by then.

I'll be sure to post the pictures of what I come up with to merge the holidays.

Meanwhile, I'm spending most of  my days substitute teaching. And, Santa arrives at the mall Friday. My  days are going to be very long. I may only be able to decorate in spurts.

I'm curious to know how you make the transition between the holidays? Or do you? Are your decorations there one day and gone the next?

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  1. I put all Fall up with Halloween. Then the first weekend after Halloween, I take out all the spooky stuff and pack it away leaving just fall stuff. The day after Thanksgiving, I stay home and change out the decorations for Christmas while Dean and the kids go shopping. It usually takes the whole weekend but I am happy to do it!


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