Saturday, February 1, 2014

Needful Things Swap post

No secret that I love a fun secret swap! This post is for my swap partner. The theme is Needful Things...things that we need.

So...what do I need?

I need peace and quiet! I really do. For me, that comes from a good book. Either on my nook, kindle or even an audiobook.

The peace and quiet also comes from going to the gym. It's my ME time. I need to be able to have those moments each day so I can be a good mom.

I need to feel pretty. Pretty things like long scarves, nail polish, funky necklaces or bracelets but NOT earrings. Earrings are not one of my needful things. Aprons, as crazy as it sounds, make me feel pretty, too. There's just something fun in an apron. It makes me feel feminine. An apron and a great pair of high heels...

What is not so pretty? My feet! So I suppose on a practical sense, one of my needful things needs to be a good foot cream. Still looking for one.

Bacon. Also tops on my needful things list. Chocolate covered bacon bars. mmmm Dark chocolate. A little bit goes a long way.

My new obsession is loose leaf herbal and rooibos teas. I need them every morning. Some people need coffee...I can't stand the smell of it. Good thing I'm LDS LOL I worked in a coffee house in college and got so sick of the smell. Twenty years later, I still can't stand the smell of coffee. Herbal teas, on the other hand, is amazing. I love tropical fruity herbals. I've been looking for a pina colada or sweet strawberry or licorice. Loose leaf though, not little bags. I'm a traditional girl.

I need a TARDIS. I need things in the bluest blue. I would love to travel through all of space and time. Amazing. Just as long as we don't meet any Weeping Angels along the way. Those things creep me out.

I need to get lost in worlds of imagination. Doctor Who. My Neighbor Totoro. Supernatural. Big Bang Theory. Princess Bride. Monty Python. I'm a fan girl. The geeky bumper stickers all over the back of little car let the world know it. I've been told I'm almost at my bumper sticker limit, but there's always room for more on the geek-mobile.

I need to bake souffles in little mini ramekins. I don't have nearly enough to suit me. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen with my kids. It's great time to bond and talk about whatever they need to talk about. We bake. We cook. We eat cheese. A good cheese is definitely a needful thing. And cheese accessories.

I need Funky things. With skulls. Sugar skulls. It's  weird, I know. But I am a little bit retro punk at heart. Sipping a nice loose leaf tea, wearing a great graphic T, with a funky pair of shoes and socks...reading a bit of Poe. Totally a way I need to spend my day.

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  1. What a fun glimpse at your needful things. I can relate to a lot of them, most namely the power of books, dark chocolate, and fan girl moments. (Fun to see a Miyazaki reference! Our family loves his movies!)


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