Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dining Room SOS!

Today I'm asking for a bit of help with my dining room!

So many of you have great ideas and great blogs of your own, I decided to call upon your collective creativity for this space.

So here's what we have...

Instead of a solid back wall to the dining room, we have an ugly hot water heater crammed in to a corner. There is a door above the hot water heater. Many years ago, steps occupied the area. They were probably removed when the kitchen was converted to a dining room in 1969.

Next to the eye sore, is a fireplace mantle. 

I put it there. 

For some reason, we had two extra mantles in the house when we moved in.

Behind the mantle is a brick chimney that was plastered over. Originally, this was the chimney that went with the stove. Hidden behind a false wall is a flue cover.

Eventually, I plan to expose the brick.

I do like the idea of the mantle and the exposed brick.

I don't like the idea of having yet another mantle to decorate. Right now, it's a pretty convenient spot for storing out Soda Stream. It might be fun to make it a sort of beverage station!


The hot water heater... It's not like we can move it. I don't know if a beaded doorway is the answer, but it's better than leaving it open.

Here's a nice breakdown:

Hit me with your ideas and creative solutions! 


  1. Wow, god bless you because that is definitely an issue....but my first thought was slipcover the water heater. and no I don't mean fabric. I'd go thrift store hunting for a tall cabinet that would good fit for that area and cut the back out and slide it in place. Make that whole wall look like it was built in cabinets....I'd have to see the rest of the room to really get into detail about the other issues you asked about but I would use the mantle as a decorating spot, not a beverage station. It's not really deep enough to store wine glasses or mugs (depending on the beverage). The back of the fireplace....hmmmm...if you just wanted to make it pretty and cover it I'd go back to thrift store buy a framed mirror big enough to cover that spot....and take the bought mirror to a glass place and ask them to cut the mirror to what size you need....mine usually only charges me between 15 to 20 bucks to cut a piece I bought at a thrift store...

    Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks! I like the cabinet look idea :) I can't do anything about the mirror since it's an original feature of the mantle!

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Thanks and have a great day!