Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thanks-a-lot S'mores

Let's be honest, who really has Girl Scout cookies left?

I know mine were G-O-N-E within a few days of buying them from Leelee's friends. I bought an embarrassing number of cookies. The whole situation was made worse when I subbed her friends' classes and they had cookies with them...

Last week, I had a nice surprise in the office. A student brought me an end of the year gift and included the most appropriate Girl Scout Cookies: Thanks-a-Lots!

As if there's any way to make the cookies better...I decided to use these short bread and chocolate yummies in place of chocolate and graham crackers for our holiday S'mores

It was a great way to wrap up the school year with the kids at home. The older ones finished finals and began summer a few days before the younger kids. 

We needed to celebrate!

It's so hard to separate s'mores from camping. The kids begged D to set up the tents in the back yard and soon enough, we had a very nice camp out happening behind the house. It was pretty authentic, complete with screams about spiders and complaints about mosquito bites. In the last week, they've slept outside more than inside. 

I've lost any traces of optimism about actually getting on a real camping trip this summer. School has made it completely out of the question for me...unless we camp somewhere with WIFI. Honestly, that defeats the purpose of camping for me. When I camp, I want to get away from it all.

Maybe I can talk the husband in to taking the kids camping and I'll just stay home and do schoolwork...

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