Sunday, June 29, 2014

Painting cloth shoes

It happened.

I had a birthday and I was none too happy about it. I keep hearing that 40 is the new 30. When I was 30, it was the new 20. All I know is I don't like this getting older thing.

So, for my 40th birthday, I decided to do something very kid-like. I attended my very first Con. And I went in Cosplay!

For those not familiar with Cons or Cosplay, it's short for convention and Costume Play. Basically, I dressed up in a costume and hung out with other people in costume, played video games and pretty much nerded out.

I also had a major pity party. It was the only party I was going to get. My best friends all moved away. There was no one to throw me a big party. D was at scout camp...again. He's there every year on my birthday. My kids woke me way too early with their bickering. Needless to say, I was more than a bit cranky all day.

But, I got to wear a costume, know, that tends to make things a bit more fun.

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Leelee and I got to hang out all day. I should be pretty happy that my teenager wanted to spend time with me. And in costume, no less! Definite parenting win.

Also in the parenting win column for the week: the kids' new obsession with Hitchhiker's Guide! The older kids watched the movie and now Danger Girl plans on reading the books... Once she finishes all the Harry Potter books. She's read four of the books the first three weeks of summer vacation. She is trying to rack up as many AR points as possible.

So, back to the cosplay... I dressed with items from my closet to create a sort of steampunk gothic lolita look. Steampunk plus gothic plus japanese lolita. Pretty darn fun!

The only think I didn't really have were the shoes.  Lolita shoes can be very cutesy or completely over the top. A basic lolita shoe is a blinged up ballet flat or Mary Jane. So that's where I decided to start... With a grubby old pair of ballet flats.

Next, I turned to my trusty stash of chalky paint...I typically mixed 1 C paint with some plaster of Paris and water... Except this time I added a bit more water.  It was definitely a more soupy texture...I'd say condensed tomato soup after adding the water rather than a tomato bisque, being more creamy.

Two coats of paint later...

I was really expecting the shoes to be stiff, but they weren't. The paint hasn't cracked at all.

I'm definitely filing this tip away for trying on other shoes. It definitely gives new life to an old pair of shoes. I'm anxious to try adding a second color or design. So many possibilities!

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  1. Oh, cool! I keep thinking I should get some of those white canvas sneakers and paint dragons on them for my daughter. Which may end up being one of those great ideas that I never actually get around to.


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