Monday, August 25, 2014

Great new wig + discount code

I received product compensation for this post. However, all opinions are 100 percent mine.

Costumes and wigs jots aren't for Halloween any more. Since entering high school, Leelee has made some great friends who introduced her to cosplay. It is a pretty great creative outlet. And she's convinced me to join in on the fun.

Don't we make quite the pair?

Look at her wig though... It's pretty rough. In our short time doing this we've learned about good costume wigs and bad costume wigs.

Recently, we ordered a new wig from Abhair and it's definitely in the good wig category. 

Our biggest challenge with a full wig is getting Leelee's curls under the wig cap. No photos but we ended up braiding it tight around the top and around the ears and using a lot of bobby pins.

She has a lot of thick hair.

I wanted a chance to play with the wig first. I've never had long thick hair before so this was a good way to see how I'd look.

This is the wig unstyled, btw. It's heat resistant so it is possible to add more curl, which is pretty cool. All the wigs I've seen before melt with heat.

Leelee is a bit of a rebel (she is my kid!) and realized wigs were not expressly forbidden in the school dress code. So, she styled the wig in a nice braid and wore it to school.

Her other rebellion? Sparkly sneakers!

She looked quite nice to go to school, even if her hair was silver. Too bad not everyone saw it that way...and, next year wigs might be on the no-no list. 

Her future hair plans include pipe cleaners for the Pippy Longstocking effect. But, she has the sense to wait to test those waters again! Last year she literally tied her hair in to the shape of a bow.

Want to try out the wigs and extensions at for yourself? Use code MickiA15 for 15 percent off site wide. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More classroom display ideas

I mentioned in an earlier post that D wasn't too interested in decorating his classroom. He gave me a stack of posters and told me to have fun.

He was very skeptical when he saw the other supplies I brought along.. The duck tape made him nervous. But as we crafters know, duck tape is very versatile and on trend.

One of the biggest challenges D had in his classroom was getting posters to stay on the walls and I thought the duck tape would be the perfect solution. In his mind, I would be using the tape directly on the posters! That was definitely not happening.

Instead, I used double sided mounting tape to attach the posters to butcher paper, then framed the butcher paper in duck tape to affix it to the walls.

This created a really nice framed art effect. 

This was so much more polished and put together than posters just plastered on the walls.

D also let me decorate outside his classroom. The teachers needed a tech themed board in the hall...

The only change I would have made to this board is flipping the direction of the guy with the phone so he's looking at the words. But other that, I was pretty happy with it!