Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More classroom display ideas

I mentioned in an earlier post that D wasn't too interested in decorating his classroom. He gave me a stack of posters and told me to have fun.

He was very skeptical when he saw the other supplies I brought along.. The duck tape made him nervous. But as we crafters know, duck tape is very versatile and on trend.

One of the biggest challenges D had in his classroom was getting posters to stay on the walls and I thought the duck tape would be the perfect solution. In his mind, I would be using the tape directly on the posters! That was definitely not happening.

Instead, I used double sided mounting tape to attach the posters to butcher paper, then framed the butcher paper in duck tape to affix it to the walls.

This created a really nice framed art effect. 

This was so much more polished and put together than posters just plastered on the walls.

D also let me decorate outside his classroom. The teachers needed a tech themed board in the hall...

The only change I would have made to this board is flipping the direction of the guy with the phone so he's looking at the words. But other that, I was pretty happy with it!

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